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Who we are

                                         WHO WE ARE

We are a company that has set itself the goal of combining the latest sustainable cleaning techniques for environmental protection with our accumulated experience of high-quality and top-quality vehicle cleaning and preparation. Whether it's an everyday vehicle, vehicle vehicles from the luxury segment, commercial vehicle or the sensitive cleaning of young or oldtimers, entrust us with your favorite item without hesitation. As a mobile cleaning service, we come to you and clean your vehicle on site. Do not invest your valuable time in unsatisfactory washing results. You will receive personal support and an all-round service from us in questions of sustainable vehicle cleaning and preparation. Being innovative and sustainable requires absolute commitment. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of cleaning with modern methods, we guarantee you the best results. We work reliably and rely on punctuality. Trust comes from continuous and consistent performance. We would like to implement this idea professionally every day and thus lay the elementary component of a trusting and sustainable business relationship for you. Of course, we also meet the demands of our customers for discretion, trust and honesty to a particularly high degree.




Our sustainable environment concept

Our environmental concept is based on gentle, effective and ecological steam cleaning of your vehicle. Water is essential and we have a duty to conserve it and not waste it needlessly. No other hand wash is more effective and combines the saving of water with a perfect result for cleanliness. It is time to make sustainable progress now.


  • Water consumption is reduced by 93% compared to a conventional car wash that uses an average of 120 liters. On average, they use 36 times more water in a car wash that has to be treated again, which is expensive.

  • Our steam cleaning device "VAPOR-STAR" works at approx. 180°C - everything is hygienically clean! Kills bacteria and germs, which makes sense for the interior. Inactivates fours (also Covid-19). HACCP certified! No chemicals in the waste water! No chemical residues that evaporate into the room air. Cleaning only with minimal use of water which we use from collected rainwater! 

  • Thanks to maximum environmental compatibility, our care products make an important contribution to environmental protection.

  • The cleaning work is carried out exclusively by hand. Hand cleaning is more effective and gentler than a car wash. The lack of care in car washes is a major disadvantage. The machine runs through the selected program but stubborn stains remain. With the side mirrors folded in, important areas on the doors remain unwashed. The tossing brushes are also considered bad for the paintwork and do not get into every nook and cranny like in a professional hand wash. Some brushes are very worn and leave small scratches that damage the paint over time.

  • We make our customer appointments at your site with our commercial vehicle.

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                 Our service for you

Every vehicle must be cleaned at regular intervals. The time you have to spend on it and the circumstances of getting there and back are particularly annoying. Everything has to be planned and often enough things go wrong. We save you this trouble. We come to you and take your car and carry out a gentle, sustainable hand wash. You can follow the cleaning process at any time. The vehicle is cleaned from the outside. The pre-treatment is important so that the paint is not scratched with small grains of sand during the subsequent cleaning. After this step, we take care of the paintwork intensively. In the first step, the paint is cleaned and then polished. The newly polished outer shell is finally protected with a varnish seal. After the exterior preparation, we take care of the interior of your vehicle. Stubborn dirt such as sand on floor mats, seat folds, door frames, dog hair or animal hair or similar are first cleaned beforehand. Then comes the upholstery cleaning or leather cleaning. Not only the seats, but also the door panels, center consoles and the cockpit are refurbished, cleaned and sealed again. On request, we can carry out an ozone treatment in the interior.​

  • On-site service: The vehicle preparation at your site is carried out with our service vehicle

  • Environmental protection: Sustainable and water-friendly vehicle cleaning with a steam device for inside and outside. All we need is a power connection (220-230V, 16A, Fuse FI switch) on site.

  • Paintwork: paintwork cleaning, paintwork treatment and paintwork protection with sustainable cleaning products 

  • Ozone: With an ozone treatment we remove annoying odors in the interior

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                                                                                         Our Partner

We have carefully selected our partners. From the cleaning device to cleaning utensils such as cleaning cloths to our branded cleaning products. Our partners maintain the same environmental awareness and guarantee quality products that are used in our sustainable vehicle cleaning. 

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Water of Island

                                                              The drinking water situation in Mallorca

The water supply in Mallorca has reached its limits. The natural lack of water on the island is steadily worsening and has been threatening the native flora and fauna ever since. The government is increasingly banning the use of drinking water in the summer months for washing vehicles or filling pools. The high demand of agriculture and industry, the population and the tourism sector can only be met by operating expensive water treatment plants and importing water reserves. At the same time, due to seasonal overloading of the sewage treatment plants, sewage gets unfiltered into the bathing bays and throws the sensitive ecosystem of the underwater world out of balance. A forward-looking use of water in the future is therefore essential for Mallorca. Our cleaning concept supports a sustainable and forward-looking use of this valuable raw material.

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Price List
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                                                                                                 Price List Handmade

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Impact of car

          Environmental influences that make things difficult for your vehicle

Do you want to sell your vehicle and get the best price and reduce the loss in value? Do you want your vehicle to represent your company? Does your vehicle represent your lifestyle? Whether it's an everyday car, youngtimer, vintage car, transporter or minibus, mobile home or truck trailer?

All good reasons to have your vehicle restored to the best possible condition by a professional! The environmental influences on a vehicle in Mallorca are extremely high because, in addition to normal road dirt, strong sunlight, rockfall, bird droppings, flash rust, insects and bad weather conditions and, in particular, the sea salt in the air and the sand are other factors that damage your vehicle (paint). make. These factors attack the paint on your vehicle. Salt residues from water residues or grains of sand can damage the paintwork and, in the worst case, open the gate and door to rust. Sand settles z. B. in the rubber seals of doors and trunk. The interior floor and the ventilation slots become clogged with dirt, dust and sand. If the vehicle has not been cleaned for a long time, this dirt on the paintwork and in the interior is difficult to remove. You should therefore take care of and protect your vehicle at regular intervals and at an early stage.

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